Crossnumber 6: No Addresses

Here is one Crossnumber puzzle. In addition to the regular rules, no clue addresses are given and the clues are not listed in order. All multidigit numbers, and multidigit numbers only, are clued; determining which clue corresponds to which address and which clues are referenced within other clues is up to you.


\bullet. Two times the cube root of \bullet.
\bullet. \bullet read backwards.
\bullet. One half plus half the square root of \bullet.
\bullet. A triangular number.
\bullet. The index of \bullet in the Fibonacci sequence (F_1 = 1, F_2 = 1, F_{n + 1} = F_n + F_{n - 1}).
\bullet. All its digits are equal.
\bullet. One of the two prime divisors of \bullet.
\bullet. A multiple of 26.
\bullet. The sum of its digits is 6.
\bullet. The sum of its digits is 15.
\bullet. An odd number the sum of whose digits is 12.
\bullet. Four times the square of \bullet.

[Solution on page 2]