Crossnumber 8: Martian

Here is one Crossnumber puzzle. In addition to the regular rules, both the clues and the grid use a number system of base greater than ten, with \alpha being some digit greater than 9. No addresses are given for the clues, nor are they listed in order; all multidigit numbers in the grid, and multidigit numbers only, are clued.


\bullet Not a multiple of 5.
\bullet Not a multiple of 6.
\bullet Not a multiple of 7.
\bullet 397\alpha + 3974.
\bullet \alpha9 – 77.
\bullet 68 \times 8\alpha.
\bullet 94^2 + 888.
\bullet 52 \times 53.
\bullet 16 \times 19.
\bullet 14 \times 17.

[Solution on page 2]