Nearly Symmetric Puzzles

Here follows a list of nearly symmetric puzzles, sorted by author.

Palmer Mebane

Bram de Laat

  • Slitherlink (In this puzzle, no pair of symmetric clues is satisfied symmetrically apart from a single pair of zeros.)
  • Island

Ko Okamoto


  • Fillomino (Puzzle 16, a submission for the Logicsmith Exhibition 5 construction challenge. As per the rules of the challenge, this puzzle uses every clue from 1 to 9 exactly four times. The results are available here.)

Richard Stolk

Anderson Wang

Robert Vollmert

Tom Collyer

Ivan Koswara

Thomas Snyder

Αντώνης Λαλάτσας

Chris Green

  • Masyu (1, 2, 3)
  • Shakashaka (1, 2)

Ken Endo

Brian Burks

  • Masyu (Requires registration; alternatively, see here.)