Nearly Symmetric Puzzles

Here follows a list of nearly symmetric puzzles, sorted by author.

Palmer Mebane

Bram de Laat

  • Slitherlink (In this puzzle, no pair of symmetric clues is satisfied symmetrically apart from a single pair of zeros.)
  • Island

Ko Okamoto


  • Fillomino (Puzzle 16, a submission for the Logicsmith Exhibition 5 construction challenge. As per the rules of the challenge, this puzzle uses every clue from 1 to 9 exactly four times. The results are available here.)

Richard Stolk

Anderson Wang

Robert Vollmert

Tom Collyer

Ivan Koswara

Thomas Snyder

Αντώνης Λαλάτσας

Chris Green

  • Masyu (1, 2, 3)
  • Shakashaka (1, 2)

Ken Endo

Brian Burks

  • Masyu (Requires registration; alternatively, see here.)

Nested Puzzles

Here follows a list of nested sets of puzzles, sorted by author.


  • Slitherlink (1, 2, 3)

Grant Fikes

Bram de Laat

Chris Green

  • Nurikabe (The numbers from 1 to 10 come into play in their natural order: the smallest puzzle has a single 1 clue, the second puzzle adds a 2 and a 3, and so on.)

Double Puzzles

Here follows a list of double puzzles, sorted by author.

pzl (Dual series)

Joseph DeVincentis

  • Nurikabe and Corral (This puzzle was a part of the 2008 MIT Mystery Hunt; hence the lettering.)

Bryce Herdt

Grant Fikes


Ivan Koswara

Bram de Laat (Double Trouble series)


Takeya Saikachi

  • Curve Data and Nurikabe (The example. In this puzzle, the Curve Data clues have the same shape as the Nurikabe ones.)

Thomas Snyder

Brian Burks

Prasanna Seshadri



Robert Vollmert

Craig Kasper

Aaron Chan

Tapio Saarinen

Chris Green

Sparsely Clued Puzzles

Here follows a list of puzzles that have unusually few clues for their type and size, sorted by author.

George Jelliss

  • Simple Loop (Chessics 12, 1981, p. 12, and The Games and Puzzles Journal 8-9, 1988-9, p. 143; both articles are available here.)

Maarten Löffler

Alan Fetters

Ivan Koswara